IT Ops & Maintenance Engineer / Technical Support Engineer

Shein was established in 2008, SHEIN is a leading global e-tailer with a mission to make trendy fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products accessible to everyone while supporting the communities in which we do business .Focusing on “fast fashion”, SHEINs products include clothing, beauty products, home appliances, pet products, various accessories, etc.At present, our business covers more than 150 countries and regions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America, with steady sales growth for many years.

IT Ops & Maintenance Engineer / Technical Support Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the daily work of the companys helpdesk, including but not limited to the management and maintenance of PC equipment and printer equipment
  • Responsible for the follow-up of the companys computer room and weak current related construction
  • Responsible for the companys conference room construction, equipment management and maintenance
  • Responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the companys access layer network equipment
  • Other work arranged by the leader
Job requirements:
  • Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years helpdesk experience
  • Proficient in WINDOWS, MAC OS system, software and hardware maintenance, familiar with the basic operation of LINUX system
  • Familiar with server management and maintenance, including AD domain, DNS, DHCP, NAS, WLC, and Sangfor online behavior
  • Possess basic network configuration capabilities and can independently configure access layer switches
  • Have good customer service awareness and service attitude
  • Good communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, and document writing skills
  • Have executive ability and teamwork ability
  • Script editing ability is preferred, such as powerSshell, python, etc.
  • Experience in IT project management is preferred
We offer:
  • Mobile Allowance for each month
  • A laptop for work
  • End of year bonus
  • Annual promotion opportunities
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