JavaScript Developer

JavaScript Developer

We are creating a large IT Hub in Gdansk to service all our clients in Europe. In order to create the best value for our customers we aim to create self-governed teams working for specific customers on projects, further development and the maintenance afterwards. We are having multiple positions open for Full Stack Engineers (FSE) roles.


About the Job Opening:

Looking for Junior JavaScript Developerwith at least 1 year of experience working with architectural and design concepts like microservices, event driven architectures, containerization, auto-scaling, responsive/progressive web apps and implementing solutions on cloud platforms using popular frameworks and programming languages.


Engineer will be part of multi-disciplinary and globally distributed Agile/Scrum teams and must be good communicators with customers and other project stakeholders. They must also exhibit strong debugging and problem-solving skills along with experience working with engineering approaches like TDD/BDD.


  • Real commercial experience as a front-end developer for at least 1 years
  • Knowledge of JavaScript (ECMA 5/6), understanding how prototypal inheritance works, why closures are needed and what context is
  • Good knowledge of css3/html5
  • Experience with any of the SPA frameworks (Angular, Vue.js, React) from 1 year
  • Familiarity with any of the backend frameworks and libraries (Express, Nest, NodeJS)
  • Experience with Webpack, Typescript and Git
  • Knowledge of Event Loop
  • Experience with SQL + NoSQL
  • Knowing what the prefetch, preload, autofocus attributes do
  • Knowledge of the features of various browsers (IE11+ / Safari)
  • Experience with Storybook, Material UI
  • Knowledge of Reflow, Repaint, Microtask
  • Knowledge of what Virtual DOM is (and what it is for)
  • What problems do JS frameworks solve
  • Understanding the differences between monolithic and atomic SPAs
  • Knowledge of any actual framework for testing
  • Opportunity to be part of a rapidly expanding global organization
  • Pleasant and inspiring working atmosphere
  • Professional development and clear career path
  • Training & development opportunities
  • Private healthcare and additional life insurance
  • Employee volunteering programs and opportunities
  • Inclusion and diversity in practice
  • Employee referral program in place
  • Competitive salary with cafeteria benefits and bonuses
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